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► New book on the welfare gap, Europe's social challenge

How is the European Union to tackle the growing social and economic gap among its member countries? In an interdisciplinary book project, researchers on legal, economic and political topics analyse social challenges to the EU.


► Honorary doctor at Uppsala's Faculty of Law deceased

Richard Freiherr von Weizsäcker, who held an honorary doctorate at the Faculty of Law, passed away on 31 January 2015 at the age of 94.


► Research funds for the Faculty of Law

The Torsten Söderberg Foundation has announced its grant awards for applications in 2014. They include more than SEK 2.5 million for three research projects at Uppsala University's Faculty of Law.


► Numerous applicants to Faculty of Law's one-year Master programmes

Uppsala University has broken its record for the number of applications to international one-year (60-credit) Master Programmes starting in autumn 2015. The three programmes of this kind offered by the Department of Law are no exception in terms of popularity. The new International Property (IP) Law Programme, for instance, ranks fifth among the University's most applied-for programmes at this level.


► Apply for a doctoral student position at Juridicum

The Faculty of Law at Uppsala University invites applications for at least two doctoral student positions, starting date on 1 September 2015 or according to agreement.

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Publications► Find our current publications. Choose between books, reports or theses.

Chapter in book by Anna-Sara Lind : EU-medborgarnas sociala rättigheter. 2015. Välfärdsgapet. Stockholm; Santérus Förlag. (Europaperspektiv). pp. 23-50.
Article by Inger Österdahl : Offentlighetsprincipen och det internationella samarbetet. 2015. Svensk Juristtidning.
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