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► Numerous applicants to Faculty of Law's one-year Master programmes

Uppsala University has broken its record for the number of applications to international one-year (60-credit) Master Programmes starting in autumn 2015. The three programmes of this kind offered by the Department of Law are no exception in terms of popularity. The new International Property (IP) Law Programme, for instance, ranks fifth among the University's most applied-for programmes at this level.


► Iain Cameron joins the Swedish Police Authority's Ethics Council

Iain Cameron, Professor of Public International Law at the Faculty of Law and Director of the University's Centre for Police Research, was recently appointed by the Swedish Government to the Ethics Council of the Swedish Police Authority.


► Apply for a doctoral student position at Juridicum

The Faculty of Law at Uppsala University invites applications for at least two doctoral student positions, starting date on 1 September 2015 or according to agreement.


► New professors at the Faculty of Law

The Vice-Chancellor recently decided to promote Minna Gräns and Charlotta Zetterberg, making them professors in jurisprudence and environmental law respectively.


► Midander-Lönn scholarship for Uppsala student

Erik Victor Ragnå, a former student on the Uppsala University Law Programme, recently received an award for the best law degree dissertation on human rights and freedoms.


► Winners of Martin H:son Holmdahl Scholarship named

Rebecca Thorburn Stern, Senior Lecturer (Docent) in Public International Law at Uppsala's Faculty of Law, and Abdulbaghi Ahmad, Docent and Consultant at the Department of Neuroscience (Child and Adolescent Psychiatry), have been named as this year's recipients of the Martin H:son Holmdahl Scholarship, for their important contributions to the rights of refugees and children.


► Law student is Uppsala Student of the Year

Vanja Eriksson, a student on Uppsala University's Law Programme, has been awarded the Uppsala Student of the Year scholarship of SEK 100,000 by the Anders Wall Foundation.


► Faculty of Law offers merchandise

You can now buy branded and gift merchandise bearing the Faculty's emblem.

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►Buy our branded merchandise
at the Student Office.

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