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► Juridicum wishes a nice summer!

The Department of Law is closed during the summer and welcomes you back in August.


► Uppsala University and the Faculty of Law to expand migration law research

With the aim of strengthening the long-term ability of society to deal with migration, the university is putting 7.5 million SEK into migration law research. As part of this programme, Juridicum is advertising for a doctoral student to specialise in migration law.


► New Faculty of Law professors

The vice-chancellor recently decided to make Anna Jonsson Cornell professor of Comparative Constitutional Law and Joel Samuelsson professor of Private Law, specialising in Property Law.


► Uppsala law students have the opportunity to join a pilot project on Human Rights

In order to strengthen human rights protection, the Faculty of Law in Uppsala will together with Civil Rights Defenders conduct a pilot project called Human Rights Clinic in autumn 2016. For participation in the project, students at the Uppsala Law Programme are invited to send their application by 1 August 2016.


► Former Juridicum professor Elisabeth Rynning to be Chief Parliamentary Ombudsman

On 9 June, Elisabeth Rynning, a former professor of Medical Law at the Faculty of Law and a justice of the Supreme Administrative Court since 2012, was unanimously elected the new Chief Parliamentary Ombudsman by the Riksdag (Swedish parliament).


► Law student receives new sports scholarship

Lina Sjöberg, currently in term 4 of her law degree, is one of four students at Uppsala University who for the first time are to receive a scholarship for students who compete in top-level sports.


► New publication by researchers in the Lund/Uppsala Migration Law Network

In the book 'Migration law. The Need for Protection and Credibility - Assessment in Asylum Cases', the authors Rebecca Thorburn Stern, Associate Professor at Juridicum in Uppsala, and Hanna Wikström, Associate Professor at the Department of Social Work of the University of Gothenburg, take up the many and difficult kinds of deliberations involved in migration law.


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