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► Juridicum field trip to Estonia

Dean Mattias Dahlberg, faculty programme director Magnus Ödman and Professor of International Investment Law and Commercial Law Kaj Hobér recently visited Estonia to discuss research, education and exchange matters.


► Best degree projects of 2015 selected by Uppsala alumni

Every year, the Uppsala Lawyers' Alumni Foundation awards its 'Best Degree Project Prize'. After careful consideration, the jury has chosen the year's two winning dissertations, written by Henrik Davidsson and Mei Linn Svensson Goh.


► International tax conference in Uppsala

With the support of the Uppsala Centre for Tax Law and in cooperation with the Swedish IFA branch, the Faculty of Law organizes an international tax conference on the influence the OECD project on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) has on business models, on 16-17 June 2016.


► Researchers from the Department of Law to receive funding from the Ragnar Söderberg Foundation

The Ragnar Söderberg Foundation has announced this year's grants. Seven researchers into jurisprudence will be receiving grants. Four of these have been awarded to individual post-doctoral students and the other three to projects and their leaders. In the latter category are Juridicum's Rebecca Thorburn Stern, Associate Professor of public international law, and Eva Storskrubb, post-doctoral Marie Curie fellow.


► Uppsala University and the Faculty of Law combat racism

The interdisciplinary project Multidisciplinary forum for racism research is a result of the desire by Uppsala University to make common cause on issues relating to racism, integration and discrimination. Associate Professor Anna-Sara Lind at Juridicum is leading the project.


► Dean's progress report

Mattias Dahlberg, Professor of Fiscal Law, has now reached the halfway point in his term of office as Dean of the Faculty of Law. He shares his midterm reflections.


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