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► Jane Reichel and Anna-Sara Lind investigate ethical reviews when using personal data in research

Last summer, the government took the decision to commission a Research Data Inquiry, which will review the regulations regarding the processing of personal data for research purposes. One part of the inquiry concerns the ethical review procedure and Jane Reichel, Professor of Administrative Law, and Anna-Sara Lind, Associate Professor of Public Law, specialise in this issue.


► Two new Honorary Doctors at the Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law has appointed two leading researchers, Professor Emeritus Markku Helin and Professor Emerita Adrienne Héritier, as new Honorary Doctors.


► Lena Marcusson to investigate the handling of last year's refugee situation

Professor Emerita in Administrative Law Lena Marcusson has recently been appointed expert counsel in an investigation that will document and analyse how Sweden has handled migration flows into the country, particularly those during the second half of 2015.


► New doctoral students at the Department of Law

Throughout the spring and autumn terms, six new doctoral students have as yet been welcomed to the Department of Law and our doctoral programme. One of the students has been admitted to the programme thanks to a SIDA-financed collaboration with the Univer


► New Swedish intellectual property law association

The International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI) has recently formed a Swedish National Group. The president of AIPPI Sweden is Sanna Wolk, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law, and founder of the faculty-affiliated Academy of Intellectual Property, Marketing and Competition Law (IMC).


► Research project analyses Protestant Legacies in Nordic Law

The new research project "Protestant Legacies in Nordic Law: Uses of the Past in the Construction of the Secularity of Law" (ProNoLa) is to examine the relations between Lutheran traditions and the development of secular law in the Nordic region in the course of the last 500 years.


► Annika Nilsson appointed as expert for environmental inspection enquiry

In the spring, the government decided to set up an enquiry into environmental inspection. Annika Nilsson, Senior Lecturer in Administrative Law at Juridicum, is one of the experts who will assist the enquiry.


► Juridicum welcomes students to a new term

Intensive preparations are currently underway at the Department of Law to receive both new and returning law students.


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