Labour Law

The research focuses primarily on the interaction between international labour law, mainly EU law, and Swedish and Nordic labour law and labour markets. The research aims at spreading knowledge and understanding of how labour law evolves in an integrated Europe and how labour law interacts with transnational business and an international labour market.

The researchers work actively to create networks and conduce to cooperation between fellow researchers in the Nordic countries and in Europe, and also with the labour market parties. An important aim is to stimulate interaction between researchers, authorities, the labour market parties and other interest groups in order to contribute to a solid base of knowledge and understanding for national and international decision-makers. The ambition is to integrate current problems in long-term activities.

The researchers strive to maintain a high level of knowledge and competence in Swedish labour law and also to contribute to raise that level by writing textbooks and law comments.

Current research

The research has, during the recent years, had its emphasis on analysing the interaction between the economic freedoms of the EU and national labour law. Analyses have also been made of jurisdiction and conflict rules for industrial actions.

Mikael Hansson analyzes in his thesis “Kollektivavtalsrätten: en rättsvetenskaplig berättelse” how changes in the surrounding world are integrated in legal argumentation. The researchers have also participated in a presentation of the history of European labour law and analysed the impact of the ILO conventions in the EU system.

Current research projects worth mentioning are for example ”Free Movement and Labour Law – Conflicts and Impacts (Formula)” which aims to investigate how legislators, courts and other standard-setting actors on different levels affect the scope for national regulation of the labour market. Other projects examines industrial action regulations in an internationalized economy, the EU law on employee participation and labour immigration from third countries.


Mikael Hansson
Petra Herzfeld Olsson


Uppsala Center for Labor Studies (UCLS)
Institute for Social Civil Law and ReMarkLab, SU
FORMULA (University of Oslo)


Research Projects