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We offer an appreciated education model and specialised research in a historical environment, dating back to centuries.

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Welcome to the Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law is the oldest faculty amongst the Nordic countries and has existed since Uppsala University was founded in 1477. The Faculty of Law has only one department; the  Department of Law, also called the Juridicum.

The Department of Law employs over 200 people, of which just over 100 researchers and teachers, about sixty doctoral students and other employees in the centrally located premises. Over the years, research and education at Juridicum has grown and strengthened. Today, significant activities are conducted with research and teaching in a large number of subjects.

A strong research environment and extensive international collaboration are important prerequisites for the esteemed education model that has made law education in Uppsala one of Scandinavia's most popular educations. Thanks to the participation of all prominent researchers in teaching, the education is of a very high standard. The research also benefits from the input and critical questioning that students provide.

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Last modified: 2024-05-17