Governing Bodies

The Faculty Board

The Faculty Board is the Faculty of Law's highest decision-making body and is responsible for core activities such as undergraduate studies, postgraduate studies and research. The Board acts as a management board for the Department of Law. The Dean is the chairman of the Faculty Board as well as several other bodies and is the primary representative of the Faculty. The Head of Department is responsible for the Department's administration and makes sure that the organisation complies with current regulations.


The Research Committee and the Teaching Committeee prepare and decide on issues related to research and undergraduate studies and are organisationally subordinate to the Faculty Board. The Directors of Studies for research and undergraduate studies, respectively, are the main persons reporting in each committee.

Other decision-making and governing bodies

At the Faculty there is also an equal opportunities group, a recruitment group, a doctoral student council, a nomination committee and a faculty assembly


Faculty of Law

Dean: Professor Anna Singer, tel. 018-471 2035
Deputy Dean: Professor Carl Fredrik Bergström, tel. 070-4250731
Deputy Dean: Professor Joel Samuelsson, tel. 018-471 7646

Faculty Programme Director: Magnus Ödman, tel. 018-471 7992
Faculty Officer: Sissela Lundberg, tel. 018-471 1737

Office: See 3.11.1

Visiting address: Dag Hammarskjölds väg 7
Postal address: Box 256, 751 05 UPPSALA

Last modified: 2022-04-20