Contract education

We have a wide experience of contract education and can offer courses invirtually all legal special areas with the support of some of the leading legal experts in Sweden.


We can offer courses open to public authorities, companies and organisations. On demand we can customise programmes to meet specific skills needed for various activities. There is also a possibility to sign longer contracts for various courses or repeat courses.

During these courses the opportunity exists for distant skills development with IT support as a complement to traditional tuition.

The courses are provided together with the Division for Contract Education that manages the contacts with our clients.

We offer courses in a number of special fields of law, and the different courses represent 7,5 or 15 ECTS-credits each and can be tailored to match your business needs. The courses are often given at quarter speed, which enables the students to combine work and studies.  

Each semester we also offer a number of open educations addresses to different target audiences. You get more information on the Division for Contract Education´s website (in Swedish).

Questions about our contract education?

Do you want to know more about our contract education?

Please contact Lena Sundberg, Project Manager at the Division for Contract Education.

Phone: 018-471 75 87
mobile: 0704-25 09 67

Last modified: 2023-05-11