About our courses 

Within our law programme there are courses both for undergraduate and graduate level. Our single subject courses are at the undergraduate level. Below you can see how the courses are allocated depending on whether you are a student of the law programme, or choose to take one of our single subject courses.

Education for a law degree

Term courses (undergraduate level)
The education towards a law degree begins with six mandatory semester courses at the undergraduate level, which comprise 180 cr. Here you will get an overview of the legal system and the knowledge that is required for more advanced studies at the next level.

Courses at the graduate level
After the semester courses you need to take two elective specialised courses for a total of 45 cr, a theoretical specialised course of 15 cr and a final exam project of 30 cr. The courses are provided at the graduate level.

Freestanding courses

Courses at basic level and advanced level
Students seeking general, basic knowledge, of practical use, in the core areas of law can apply to attend freestanding courses at basic, undergraduate (first-cycle or bachelor’s) and advanced level.

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Last modified: 2023-10-20