Become a Doctoral Student


At the Faculty of Law, applicants are regarded as eligible if they have:

  • either, in Sweden, gained a Bachelor or Master of Laws degree, or completed the Law Programme
  • or, in Sweden or abroad, acquired knowledge corresponding to what people with the above qualifications may be expected to possess.

Further eligibility requirements that apply for postgraduate studies are stated in the Higher Education Ordinance, local guidelines at Uppsala University and the General Study Plan for the doctoral studies.

Application and admission

The Faculty regularly advertises doctoral student positions. Vacancies can be found on the Human Resources Department’s central advertisement page.

Such salaried positions are held for a period corresponding to four years’ full-time postgraduate education. The studentship may include employment at the Department of Law in the form of teaching, and the position is then extended by a corresponding period of time. A studentship at the Department can also be funded by an external funder outside the Department.

Students may also be admitted to education at postgraduate level with other forms of funding than salaried positions at the Department. This often means that grants for funding the studies are awarded by a foundation, public agency or other research funder. For a student to be admitted with a form of study funding other than from a salaried position, the higher education institution concerned must deem that the student’s funding can be secured for the entire period of study.

When applying to our doctoral programme a project description and required certificates and grades need to be submitted. In order to be admitted, the applicant also needs a letter from an associate professor or professor at the Faculty of Law in Uppsala, stating that he or she is willing to supervise the proposed project,  alternatively a letter of recommendation or contact details for at least one reference person. A letter from a potential supervisor will be obtained for prioritised project descriptions, should it not be included in the application. The application for admission to doctoral studies is made on a special form. For detailed information, see the respective advertisement.

An evaluation committee specifically set up for this purpose will evaluate the applications and make recommendations regarding applicants to be be called in for an interview. Only applicants whose projects have a potential supervisor at the Department of Law by the time of the interview or shortly thereafter will be offered a position as a doctoral student.

Decisions on admissions are made by the Research Committee at the Faculty of Law, and decisions on employment are made by the Head of Department.

Last modified: 2021-12-07