Study Counselling

We offer help to students with a variety of issues related to future or current studies.

Study Counselling

We provide information on how to get admitted and what it is like to attend the law programme. We also provide information on transfers of credits, studying abroad, financial support, interruption of studies etc., issue certificates and give student advice. We offer individual "Dare to speak" tutoring for those who need it, since it is important to be able to communicate verbally. It is also possible to get help with more individual study plans for those with special needs.

No question is too small or too big - if you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact us!

You are welcome to contact us during our office and telephone hours. If you are an exchange student, please contact our international study counsellor.

(Street adress: Munken 2, Västra Ågatan 26.)

Note! No drop in hours
Due to the new coronavirus, the Study Counsellors have no drop in hours for now. The decision applies until further notice. The Study Counsellors can be reached by email and to some extent by telephone.

Should you have questions about university rules, admission requirements or graduation rules, contact the university's web Study and Career Counselling Guide

Contact information

Lee Holmström

  • General study counselling
  • Admittance to advanced courses
  • Crediting of Swedish Law Courses
  • Student social issues
  • Specialist CSN / Student aid
  • International master programmes

Telephone: 018-471 28 56

Wivica Leitz

  • General study counselling
  • Admittance to the term courses
  • Dispensation from the eligibility requirements
  • Thesis
  • Crediting of Swedish exchange courses

Telephone: 018-471 20 57

Malin Alm

  • International study counselling
  • Information about studying abroad
  • Crediting of courses taken at foreign universities
  • International coordinator 

Telephone: 018-471 20 52


Carolina Westin

  • General study counselling
  • Student social issues
  • Career counselling
  • CV- advice
  • Students with children
  • Contact person for T1-students
  • Disability
  • Specialist upper secondary school

Telephone: 018-471 20 42

Shilan Segerbäck

General study counselling

Telephone: 018-471 20 42


Last modified: 2021-04-15