Disabled Students

About support to students with disabilities

I´ts very important for the faculty that disabled students get a faire chance of dealing with their studies under the same premises as students that are not disabled.

The faculty needs to know if you have any form of disability in order to make the necessary arrangements before your arrival. Therefore, please, check the box on the application form.

Students with disabilities are recommended to make contact with a disability coordinator at Uppsala University, in order to discuss their needs.

Exchange students also needs to contact the departmental exchange coordinator or study counsellor no later than at the time of application. Students who come through the Erasmus or Nordplus exchange programmes should seek extra scholarships to cover the costs for particular support.

Among the forms of support which may be considered for students with disabilities may be mentioned:

  • note-taking help
  • course literature in alternative formats such as talking books
  • sign language interpretation (Swedish sign language)
  • mentors
  • modification of regulations surrounding exams, such as extended time for written exams
  • special help from the University Library

► Go to the central web page for students with disabilities