Being a student at Juridicum

As a student at the Faculty of Law you pursue your studies according to a problem-based education model. The knowledge and the legal method are learnt by the students handling various sources of law together. To reach solutions for different legal problems is an important goal.

Individual studies, base groups and seminars form the core of the teaching. Each seminar, exam or assignment centres on real or imaginary problems. By reading statutory texts, legal cases and literature you will get a good basis for discussing the problem.

In the base group, which consists of three to five students, the problem is then discussed together with other students. During the seminar, consisting of approximately 25 students, the easier parts of the problem are quickly resolved. The groups can then discuss the more difficult aspects in dialogue with the teacher.

At Juridicum you encounter a high intensity rate of study, but also modern and much appreciated teaching, in an historical environment, dating back to centuries. The Law Programme is the oldest one in Sweden and Uppsala University is the oldest university in the Nordic countries.