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The Faculty of Law in Uppsala is a partner to the Erasmus+ and Nordplus exchange programmes. Within these programmes the Faculty has about 50 Law Faculty partners in Europe and the Nordic countries.

The Faculty also has a bilateral exchange programme with the University of Minnesota Law School, USA, the University of Auckland, New Zealand, Bond University, Australia and Singapore.

Every year about 100 of our students travel abroad to study at a foreign university and we receive approximately 150 foreign students. The Faculty of Law offers a variety of courses in English every semester. The courses in English are also open for the Swedish students. 

Being a student at Faculty of Law  

All advanced level courses, run for ten or twenty weeks. A normal workload is 40 hours a week, including teaching, preparation in groups, written assignments and self studies. The courses represent 15 or 30 ECTS-credits each. 

The teaching method is problem based learning (PBL). This method enables the students to learn more, compared to the traditional teaching methods, and also to keep the skills acquired to remain on a deeper level.

Teaching will take place in the form of lectures and, predominantly, seminars. About 25 students and a teacher participate in seminars. All students also belong to a small student group, a "base group" where they meet to discuss problems in connection to seminars or other assignments.

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Last modified: 2024-03-15