Want to become a lawyer?

Apply to our well-liked Law Programme, which can provide an excellent preparation for employment both within the public sector and the private business sector.

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Law Programme

The Law Programme provides a good foundation if you wish to work in traditional legal professions such as judge, prosecutor and lawyer. You are also well positioned to apply for positions in the business sector or in the public sector. The programme is based on problem-oriented instruction with extensive student activity.

The Law programme is divided into two levels, undergraduate and the graduate level respectively, and comprises a total of 270 credits (cr). One credit is equivalent to one ECTS.

The undergraduate level consists of six semesters, 180 credits, and focuses on studies of basic mandatory subjects. The objective is to provide the students with the necessary overview of the legal system and the theoretical tools required in order to continue to more advanced and interdisciplinary studies at the next level.

The undergraduate level consists of: Term course 1: Basic legal methodology, constitutional law and constitutional EU law 30 cr, Term courses 2-3: Civil law 60 cr, Term course 4: Criminal and procedural law 30 cr, Term course 5: Association law and tax law 30 cr and Term course 6: Administrative law and international law 30 cr.

The graduate level consists of 90 cr and is devoted to two courses of your choice of 45 cr, where the longer course shall be interdisciplinary and thematic, a theoretical specialised course in legal history and jurisprudence of 15 cr and a final exam project of 30 cr, with or without internship.

The degree

The programme leads to a law degree, which is a professional degree and comprises a total of 270 cr.

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