Frequent Questions about the Law Programme

1. How do I apply to the Law Programme?

You apply to the Law programme through the website Admission takes place for both the autumn and the spring semester. The last day for applications is 15 April for autumn and 15 October for spring. The selection is based on grades and the Swedish national university aptitude test. All courses are taught in Swedish so you must master the Swedish language.

2. How are potential students on the waiting list contacted for admission to the Law programme or courses?

The Department of Law calls waiting list students in a numerical order in each selection group, by telephone, e-mail or letter.

3. How do I find somewhere to live in Uppsala?

There are several ways to find accommodation in Uppsala. The university's website has useful information about different types of accommodation and there are links to sites with good information on housing, please see the university's housing site.

4. Is it possible to study abroad when attending the Law programme?

Instead of taking the advanced courses in Uppsala you can study abroad through the Department of Law for one or two semesters. You should be able to get credits for the courses you take abroad as advance courses in the law programme when you return home. You will find more information about studies abroad here.

5. What opportunities exist for internships within the Law programme?

Internships can be done in connection with the final exam project. You may arrange your own internship at a workplace, e.g. with an authority, a company or an organisation, but it has to be approved by the Department of Law. During the internship you will have access to the knowledge and experience that exist in the workplace and you will do a large part of your research for the thesis work.

6. Can previous studies be credited?

To the extent previous studies are equivalent to the law programme courses in Uppsala it may be possible to get credits for them. An application must be made on a special form and each case must be tried separately. The opportunity also exists to get 15 credits for so called exchange courses, i.e. non-legal courses, for the law degree. These courses should be designed to complement the law programme and this is interpreted fairly liberally.

7. Where can I get certificates showing the courses I have taken and the courses I am registered for?

If you have a student account you can print so called electronic certificates from the Student Portal You can get certificates for both study results and registrations. If you are no longer a student at Uppsala University you can order a certificate from the university site. You may also get signed and stamped study certificates and registration certificates from the Student Office.

8. Can I take a break during my studies?

Study breaks are always granted between courses. You need a special form to apply.

9. How do I get my diploma?

You apply for your diploma by contacting the Graduation Office at Uppsala University. Please see the degree information page.