Law degree

After completing 4.5 years of studies you will receive a law degree of 270 university credits, which is a professional degree at the graduate level. In English it is called Master of Laws (LL.M.). If you are interested in a job with a focus on law, extensive and attractive employment opportunities now await.

To apply for a degree

You apply for a degree at the Graduation Office at Uppsala University. Your application should include a personal identity certificate where your name is clearly visible, and you can order this certificate from the Swedish Tax Agency. At the Graduation Office you will get more detailed information about what is required for you to receive a degree, about local implementation and transitional regulations.

It is important that you make sure your application is complete before you submit it. If the application is incomplete the processing time will be prolonged. You should check for yourself that the courses and credits that are to be included in your degree have been reported to Uppdok. Studies abroad and exchange courses must for example have been credited.

The diploma

Undergraduate or graduate degrees are as of 2003 issued in Swedish and English. The diploma also includes a description in English of your degree, a so called Diploma Supplement. Both the Diploma and the Diploma Supplement are issued at no charge.

The diploma ceremony

The Graduation Ceremony takes place twice a year (spring and autumn) in the Auditorium of the University Building. Invitations to law graduates or lawyers who have completed their studies are sent out at the beginning of February and September, respectively. To be able to attend the ceremony you must have finished and have received proof of your law degree, or Master of Laws degree. Afterwards there will be a reception in the entrance hall of the University.

If you have questions about the graduation ceremony please contact administrator Maria Engström, telephone number: 018-471 79 88.