Human Rights Clinic

The Faculty of Law runs a Human Rights Clinic that enables students at the law program to work with specific cases and legal investigations under the guidance of researchers and teachers at the Faculty.The clinic was part-financed by Vinnova until the summer of 2021. During the autumn semester 2022, the Human Rights Clinic will be offered within the framework of the Constitutional Law course (30 credits), in collaboration with Civil Rights Defenders.

Handbook for starting up an HR-clinic

Civil Right Defenders and the Faculty of Law at Uppsala University have created a handbook that can serve as support and advice for those who want to start a clinic at a university.

The handbook is based on the model of a human rights clinic developed by the two parties within the Vinnova funded project. It describes the clinic´s organizational model, initiation and implementation, as well as the roles of the parties. It also provides templates for agreements between the parties and examples of how tasks for students at a clinic can be designed.

Last modified: 2022-04-17