Master Programmes

The Faculty of Law currently offers three top quality, internationally relevant Master Programmes.

Master Programmes

About our master programmes

The Department of Law at Uppsala University offers three master programmes each academic year, starting every autumn semester. Two of the master programmes comprise of one academic year, 60 credits, and lead to a Master of Laws (60 credits) LLM with Legal Science as the main field of study. The third programme comprises of 2 academic years, 120 credits, and is collaboration between Uppsala University, University of Eastern Finland and UiT the Arctic University of Norway. The language of instruction is English and the programmes are given on campus, with in principle compulsory attendance. Here below you can find more information on each of the programmes that we offer.        

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Investment Treaty Arbitration

The Department of Law at Uppsala University, as one of the first higher-education institutions in Europe, is offering a one-year post-graduate programme in the second cycle for students with a three-year (or more) law degree. It is starting in autumn and is designed to focus on the complex procedural and material issues that can arise in investment disputes. The programme will be given entirely in English and will be directed, in collaboration with other international experts, by Steffen Hindelang, professor of international investment law and commercial law at Uppsala University.

Application period for the academic year 2024/2025: As from 16 October 2023 until 15 January 2024.

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Comparative and International Tax Law

Comparative tax law and International tax law are the dual focus of this one-year master programme in the second cycle that is starting in autumn. Issues relating to domestic legislation will also be covered. The entire study programme, which is given in English, is designed around the problem-based learning method that characterizes law studies at the Department of Law at Uppsala University. The programme director will be Katia Cejie, associate professor of public financial law. The teaching will be in association with professor Mattias Dahlberg, professor Bertil Wiman and a strong section of teachers and researchers in tax law.  Bertil Wiman is moreover chairman of the Academic Council, consisting of foreign professors of tax law and tax-law practitioners, which will be associated with the programme.

For the academic year 2024/2025 this master programme will be paused.

Joint Nordic Master Programme in Environmental Law (NOMPEL)

Internationally, within the EU and nationally, there are many laws for managing climate change and other environmental problems. Environmental law is very complex and dynamic and experts are requested both nationally and internationally. The Nordic Master Program in Environmental Law gives you a competitive degree. The programme provides knowledge in environmental law at three levels: internationally, within the EU and in the different Nordic countries. The programme gives you basic theoretical and methodological knowledge in environmental law. You acquire special legal knowledge and skills within two key environmental fields: (i) management of natural resources and the protection of biodiversity and (ii) climate change and energy transition. The goal is to create good conditions for those who are interested in legal work in the field of environment, nationally or internationally, but also for those who wish to study for a PhD in environmental law. You will study at three Nordic universities, Uppsala University, The University of Eastern Finland in Joensuu and UiT The Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø - all with specialist competence in Environmental Law. The teaching language is English and the programme is open for students of all nationalities.

The programme leads to a joint degree (120 credits) from the three participating universities: Master of Legal Science  (Uppsala University), Master of Comparative and International Law (University of Eastern Finland), Master of Laws (UiT The Arctic University of Norway).

Application period for the academic years 2024/2025: As from 16 October 2023 until 15 January 2024.

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