Master of Laws Thesis

About Thesis for the Degree of Master of Laws 

The thesis of 30 ECTS credits, with or without internship, may be started as of term 7 of the Law programme.

The course consists of a written project and participation in mandatory seminars and lectures. Should you choose to complete an internship, this has to be approved.

The curriculum and the education plan for thesis projects as well as further information about i.a. current seminars and lectures can be obtained from the Student Portal


You should register for the thesis course once you start working on it. Registration forms can be found at the form pages of the Law programme and the Student Portal.

Before you can be registered you need to make a decision on which topic you will write about and to have arranged a supervisor at the Department.

If you are doing an internship in connection with the thesis work you also need to submit a form containing information that the internship has been arranged, signed by the internship provider, as well as a project description. In the project description please explain the purpose of the internship and its relation to the thesis. Please also include contact information for a supervisor at the place of the internship.

The forms should be handed in or submitted to the Student Office and received by us at least one week before the start of the course.

Thesis registrations can be done on five occasions during the school year:

1. The start of Period A, autumn term
2. The start of Period B, autumn term
3. The start of Period A, spring term
4. The start of period B, spring term
5. The start of summer