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Uppsala University's human rights research network welcomes researchers from all over the university and all its faculties.

The network aims to highlight and further develop existing research on legal, ethical, philosophical and political perspectives on human rights and link it to current issues such as threats to rights, the different status of rights for different groups, the theoretical basis of rights and how rights can be demanded and implemented.

To be able to do this, our researchers gather around a variety of activities. We also want to create new contacts, meeting places and conversations that promote research and in-depth study for the network's members, for the university, and for society. The idea is also to create the conditions for joint applications to establish new research environments or programmes in the longer term.  

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Current events

Upcoming Higher seminars

We are planning a number of seminars this spring. More info will be provided shortly. Meanwhile if you have any questions or inquiries contact us at mr-jur@uu.se.


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Sara Lundberg
Utbildning – både rättighet och skyldighet

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