Uppsala Forum on democracy, peace & justice_Open Lecture

Open Lecture on "Creative AI: how will it impact on democracy, freedom and justice?"

Creative AI: how will it impact on democracy, freedom and justice?

In the last years the the ability of AI to generate convincing synthetic media (video footage, pictures, texts, graphics, etc.) has taken an enormous flight. Some of these deepfakes aim to trick humans, while other fool other AI systems. For example, an AI-generated blogpost could convince humans into believing fake news, as well as manipulate a search engine into believing that this post is highly-relevant and should be ranked highly. How do the advances in deepfake technology contribute to the use of disinformation as a geopolitical strategy and the emergence of post-truth societies? How can synthetic media be used to trick other AI systems? What does that mean in terms of cybersecurity regulation? How should courts approach visual proof in times where seeing no longer equals believing? What is the societal impact of the arms race between creators of deepfakes and technologies to detect fake from real? In this talk I will give an overview of my research project on creative AI and focus on its impacts on democracy, freedom and justice.

For more information and registration, please contact mattias.vesterlund@ires.uu.se.