The International and European Tax Moot Court Competition

The International and European Tax Moot Court Competition gives you the opportunity to plead and argue in international and European tax cases. The globalization of tax issues drives this initiative, which is the only one in the field of tax law. The European Commission recognises the merits of the competition and provides financial support to this programme.

The main goal is to allow students from around the world, specializing in taxation, to sharpen their skills of oral presentation and written argumentation in a competitive international environment.

Moot Court is a unique learning experience. Participants will receive feedback on their memoranda from professors, judges and lawyers with a worldwide reputation in taxation. They will work with judges at the highest courts during the oral pleading sessions. Over a few days they will participate in an intense sharing of knowledge, experience and a huge variety of human contacts in the hallowed environment of an international academic community.

You will first write in teams two memoranda (one for the applicant, one for the defendant), to be sent by mid of January. Before the competition in Leuven you will have the opportunity to participate in pleadings for practice in Swedish courts and law firms. You will then go one week to Leuven and compete against other selected universities. This usually happens first week of March. Moot Court Competition is free of costs.

If you are studying advanced tax law within one of the courses Företagsbeskattning 30 credits, Internationell beskattning 30 credits or Examensarbete 30 credits you are more than welcome to apply for this competition.

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