Intellectual property law collaboration with EU

10 April 2018

The Institute of Intellectual Property, Marketing and Competition Law (IMC) at the Faculty of Law is beginning a collaboration with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). IMC will assist decision-making bodies in the EU through analyses of the development and future challenges of intellectual property law.

Intellectual property law, primarily copyright, patent, design and trademark law, is attracting increasing political, economic and academic interest both nationally and internationally. Intellectual property law is important in innovation and information societies and plays a huge role for economic growth and progress in a market economy. It is therefore important for collaborations to be established between the EU’s decision-making bodies and the research world. This can contribute to an essential analysis of the development of this branch of law and future challenges.

Sanna Wolk
Sanna Wolk, IMC, Faculty of Law.
Photo: Lars Wallin

IMC and Uppsala University, as the first university in Sweden, have now been appointed to a specialised academic organisation to assist the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) in various research initiatives.

“Being one of a total of five universities in Europe to work more intensively with intellectual property law in the EU is incredible. Through this collaboration, we will get closer to both lawmakers and judiciaries at the EU level while IMC strengthens its position in the EU as a leading platform for intellectual property law,” says professor Sanna Wolk, founder of IMC and chairperson of the institute.

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