Law student a world gymnastics champion

4 December 2018

Lina Sjöberg, a student in the eighth semester of Uppsala University’s Law Programme, recently won the gold medal in the Double Mini Trampoline World Championships in St Petersburg.

For many years, besides studying on the Law Programme, Lina Sjöberg has been active in the gymnastics disciplines of Trampoline and Double Mini Trampoline (DMT), taking several medals of all colours. This autumn’s much longed-for gold in the World Championships is, however, her first.

“It feels amazing! Taking the gold in the World Championships and being able to say I’m actually the best in the world – that’s been my ambition for a really long time. I’ve had it in me before but now this year, finally, I got it together for the Championships. So it’s incredibly thrilling and supercool to have achieved my greatest ambition in sport. Now I’ve just got to gather my strength for new goals to aim for – what they’ll be, I don’t know yet.”

Lina is now studying for a degree in the eighth semester of the Law Programme, with Police Law as her specialist course. Next year, she plans to write her degree project.

“Unfortunately it’s a bit tricky combining the studies with the training, and one of them has to be a higher priority than the other. I’ve opted to focus most on the training, and put my heart into it more. But it feels good to know that I’m succeeding in combining my law studies with competing in gymnastics at the very highest level.”

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