Honorary doctor at Faculty of Law dies

9 May 2019

Cornelis Carel Albert (Bert) Voskuil, honorary doctor at the Faculty of Law, died at his home in Naarden in the Netherlands on 29 April 2019. He was 89 years old.

Bert Voskuil was born in The Hague on 6 November 1929. He obtained his PhD in Amsterdam in 1962 with a thesis on international jurisdiction, especially disputes regarding maintenance and divorce in family law.

Before his disputation (public thesis defence), Bert played a very active part in establishing the well-known T.M.C. Asser Institute for International Law in The Hague. The Institute specialises in collaboration among Dutch universities in international private and public law, and has recently also focused increasingly on international commercial arbitration. It enjoys high international respect in many European countries.

After gaining his PhD, Bert Voskuil headed the office that was to become the Asser Institute, and from its foundation in 1965 was its first director. He held this post with great success throughout his career until retirement. The Institute has been largely oriented towards postdoctoral research, with substantial production and publication. Researchers from numerous countries, including Sweden through our Faculty, have joined in its work at The Hague. All this, and also Bert’s own significant research in Uppsala and elsewhere, contributed to the conferment of his honorary doctorate at Uppsala University in 1983, and subsequently helped to earn him one at the University of Belgrade as well.

Bert Voskuil was an outstanding researcher and a brilliant, creative administrator with an international outlook. His many colleagues at the Faculty and Department of Law have had the privilege of benefiting from his combination of wit and wisdom with thoughtfulness, warmth and sense of humour.

Per Henrik Lindblom, Professor Emeritus in Civil and Criminal Procedural Law
Faculty of Law, Uppsala


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