Uppsala alumni select year’s best degree projects

9 May 2019

Every year, the Uppsala Lawyers' Alumni Foundation awards its 'Best Degree Project Prize'. After careful consideration, the jury has chosen the year's two winning dissertations, written by Nils Ivars and Rebecca Norell respectively.

Of the 11 dissertations nominated by teachers and researchers at the Faculty of Law in Uppsala, the winners have now been selected by the jury of the Lawyers’ Alumni Foundation. The jury comprised Petter Asp, Justice of the Supreme Court; Maria Ingelsson, Vice President, Human Resources & Legal, Automile Inc.; Rolf Johansson, lawyer; and Anna Skarhed, former Chancellor of Justice.

The winners of the best degree projects of 2019 at Uppsala’s Faculty of Law are, in no particular order:

Nils Ivars
“An analysis of how the jura novit curia principle* applies in international arbitration taking place in Sweden”
Supervisor: Professor Torgny Håstad
* In Ivars’ dissertation, the principle is defined as “1) Freedom to apply the law”, “2) Duty to investigate the law” and “3) Freedom to surprise”.

Rebecca Norell
Fraude à la loi and transnational surrogacy arrangements: A private international law study on the evasion of law”
Supervisor: Professor Maarit Jänterä-Jareborg

The dissertations (in Swedish) are available on the Alumni Foundation website, www.uppsalajuristernasalumnistiftelse.se.

The Best Degree Project Prize of the Uppsala Lawyers' Alumni Foundation is awarded annually. Each winner receives SEK 10,000. The authors also get the chance to present their dissertations at a seminar on the annual Alumni Day in Uppsala, this year to be held at the Uppsala University Main Building on 9 May.


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