New S1 podcast with Ardalan Shekarabi

17 May 2019

Since autumn 2017, our own podcast – the ‘S1 Pod’ – has been available for you to follow. It raises issues in the areas covered by your first-semester (S1) courses: constitutional law, protection of rights, the EU and the surrounding world. In our latest episode, the guest on the podcast is Ardalan Shekarabi, Sweden’s Minister for Public Administration.

In this episode, Ardalan Shekarabi talks to Moa Kindström Dahlin and Patrik Bremdal about politics in law and law in politics. The issues raised are about the lawyer’s role in society, the internationalisation of law and its growing importance, and of course the legal rules to which the Government and the ministerial role are subject.

The podcast was recorded at the Ministry of Finance on 7 May 2019.


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