Erika P. Björkdahl honoured as Teacher of the Year

26 August 2019

The Uppsala Law Student Association has voted Erika P. Björkdahl, senior lecturer in private law, as Teacher of the Year for the 2019 law programme.

The Teacher of the Year is an annual honorary award intended to encourage and recognise outstanding teachers and promote high quality in legal education. Erika Björkdahl was named this year based on the highest number of nominations by law students and their reasons for nominating her.

A selection of students’ reasons for the nomination:

“Erika has an indefatigable commitment to successful teaching. And yet she is able to keep it short and to the point. These two reasons are why Erika should win the Teacher of the Year award!”

“As a teacher, Erika is clear, straightforward and experienced. She is truly passionate about the law (and perhaps especially to tenancy law...) and her passion is contagious. Erika is skilled at imparting information, leading us in discussions and explaining complex rules to confused students.”

An award ceremony will be held this autumn.


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