New term at the Faculty of Law

10 September 2019

New and returning students are being welcomed this week to our law programme, master’s programmes and the various courses we offer. For the second year running, we are also delivering the Social Work Programme, while this is the opening year of our Land Management Programme.

The autumn study programmes have now begun in earnest. For programmes including the Uppsala University law programme, that equates to 234 new students beginning in one of the University’s most  popular study programmes. As in the past, application pressure was high, with a total of 5,353 applicants.

This autumn brings the opportunity to study the new Land Management Programme, specialising in law. During the three-year programme, students will study law, including property law and contract law, more than half the time, along with subjects such as economics and business economics specialising in public development, natural resources theory and technical land surveying. The new programme sparked keen interest and a total of 302 people applied for one of the 26 available places this autumn.

The Social Work Programme is being offered jointly with Ersta Sköndal Bräcke University College at Campus Gotland in Visby for the second consecutive year. The programme comprises theoretical education and practical, vocational training including courses in law and legal methodology to equip students to interpret, apply and critically reflect on the law in areas relevant to social work. A total of 481 people applied for the 38 places available this autumn.

The Joint Nordic Master’s Programme in Environmental Law (NOMPEL) is being offered for the first time this autumn. NOMPEL is a joint initiative of Uppsala University, the University of Eastern Finland in Joensuu and UiT, the Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø and will lead to a joint degree from the three universities. There were 149 applicants for the 25 places available in the programme.

In addition to this new master’s programme, the Department of Law offers one-year master’s programmes (each 60 credits) in International Tax Law and EU Tax Law, Intellectual Property Law and Investment Treaty Arbitration. Application pressure remained high for each of the 25 places available in the courses this academic year.

As a complement to the law programme, we are offering the Legal Studies - Basic Year course for the sixth year running. The course, which is offered in parallel in Uppsala and Visby, comprises 60 credits of studies in public law and the foundations of private law. Many were interested in this opportunity to study jurisprudence and ahead of the programme start this autumn, 380 people applied for the 50 places in Visby and 814 for the 50 places in Uppsala. Students who earn a grade of pass with credit (VG) will be eligible to enter term course 3 of the law programme.

A total of 404 people applied for 50 places in the Introductory Course in Law (15 credits, part-time), while 1,741 applied for one of 400 places in the corresponding Web-Based Introductory Course in Law (15 credits, part-time) offered at Uppsala University Campus Gotland.

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