Premier for the Bachelor's Programme in Land Management, specialising in law

12 September 2019

The term has now begun at Uppsala University, bringing with it the start of an entirely new degree programme: The Bachelor's Programme in Land Management, specialising in law.

The new bachelor’s programme at the Department of Law in Uppsala is unique of its kind and a direct answer to a proposal by the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation to Uppsala University to deliver education aimed at addressing the shortage of workers with the right skills related to the formal processes of public development.

“We are simply delighted, and very proud of this new and important programme”, says Erika P. Björkdahl, the programme coordinator and its primary architect.

“Today,” she continues, “as society has become increasingly complex, the emphasis in the public development process has shifted to law and public planning. The programme will give students a unique skills profile based on genuine needs in order to build our future society.

This is why students in the Land Management Programme will study law for more than half the time during the three-year programme. They will specialise in areas including property law, construction law, contract law and municipal law and public procurement. Subjects in addition to these are public development, economics and business economics specialising in public development, natural resources theory and sustainability from a broader perspective. Students will also receive an in-depth introduction to technical land surveying.

The combination of subjects requires extensive collaboration with several other departments at the University, including Business Studies, Economics, Engineering Sciences, Social and Economic Geography and Earth Sciences, but the programme is organised under the Department of Law.

Stakeholders in the public development sector have estimated that students who complete the programme will be virtually guaranteed to find employment.

"There are 26 available places in autumn 2019, a number that is far too low considering the sizeable need in society. The department is thus hoping for a larger budget allocation before the next academic year so that the number of places can be increased to at least 75. And there has been huge interest - a total of 302 people applied, which must be regarded as high application pressure for a new programme,” says Erika P. Björkdahl.

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