Researcher in the Faculty of Law is granted a large sum by the Swedish Research Council

2 December 2019

Moa Lidén

Researcher in the Faculty of Law at Uppsala University, Moa Lidén, is granted a large sum by the Swedish Research Council for her research over the period 2020 to 2023.

Three experimental studies are examining how reliable and open to influence various forms of forensic evidence and witness evidence are. The studies are being conducted with forensic pathologists, scene-of-crime investigators and actors playing the part of suspects, as well as witnesses. The research is relevant irrespective of jurisdiction, because all legal systems are based on human assessments and at the same time aim for a judicial procedure that is as safe as possible.

‘It is also intended to shed light on how to identify explanations for inadequate reliability and openness to influence in evidence, in Sweden and internationally,’ says Lidén.

The project, which has previously been granted nearly SEK 2 million from the Ragnar Söderberg Foundation and just over SEK 3 million from the Swedish Research Council, is now receiving a grant of almost SEK 5 million over four years.

‘It's great news, I look forward to making a start with the experiments,’

says Moa Lidén.

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