Katia Cejie on the Distinguished Teaching Award for 2019

19 December 2019

Katia Cejie

We were given an opportunity to hear more from Katia Cejie about what it has been like receiving Uppsala University's Distinguished Teaching Award for 2019, and a little about the secret behind it.

Katia, who is obviously delighted to receive the award, says:

‘Above all, I am pleased that the University is highlighting different ways of succeeding and that it is not all about research – although that is also an extremely enjoyable part of the job.’

In what way do you think that you are ‘a versatile and engaged teacher who cares about every student’, which is part of the citation for the award?

‘I learn their names and take time to listen to them and take their ideas and discussions seriously.’

Is that how you get a student to feel noticed?


On a purely personal level, what does it mean to you?

‘I regard it as recognition that all that extra energy and enthusiasm I devote to teaching and to developing courses has not gone entirely unnoticed and that it is appreciated.’

What can this mean for the organisation, for the Department of Law at Uppsala University?

‘It can mean absolutely anything, depending on what the department wants. My own personal plan is to continue to train in stress management issues from a student's perspective, and hopefully that is something that will in any case be of benefit to the students. I have thought about spending the award money on training in that area.’

Eva Malmeström

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