Uppsala researcher an expert in the investigation of a prohibition of racist organisations

14 February 2020

Anna-Sara Lind has been appointed to serve as an expert on the committee investigating the issue of potentially prohibiting racist organisations. We had a brief talk with her.

According to the committee directive (Dir. 2019:39) from the Ministry of Justice in the issue of a potential prohibition against racist organisations, it is said that it may apply to “racist organisations” and individuals “within that environment”.

I ask Anna-Sara Lind, Department of Law, Uppsala University – who is on the committee as an expert – if existing legislation is not enough to restrain these crimes?

− The government believes that it’s important to investigate the issue. The directive for the investigation emphasizes that organised racism is a particular threat to society that must be taken extremely seriously. The Government points out that racist organisations contribute to the spread of expressions of racism in the media, on the Internet and in social media and through demonstrations around the country. This involves anti-Semitic and afro-phobic messages, for example. The activities of the white power environment also constitute a threat to private individuals. People within that environment are deemed to have the capacity to commit serious violent crime that could constitute terrorist crime in Sweden.

− There is no organisation prohibition in Swedish law. The issue was investigated earlier and today, our constitution, the Instrument of Government, opens for such a prohibition. Earlier investigations did not lead to new legislation, despite international commitments Sweden has, which meant that our country received criticism internationally.

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