New publication on legal action in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic

24 November 2020

With the Covid-19 pandemic, the debate on the legal regulation of peacetime crises and its impact on fundamental constitutional issues such as legality, protection of fundamental freedoms and rights, the relationship between legislators and governments, the relationship between government and expert authorities, and finally the courts role in peacetime crises has come to the fore again.
The latest issue of Svensk juristtidning is a special issue on legal action in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The countries have taken various measures and some explanation for this can be found in the legal framework that governs what measures can be taken in peacetime crises. Ultimately, it is the framework that the constitution sets up that governs the government's room for maneuver and the speed with which they can act.
The initiators and guest editors for the theme issue are Anna Jonsson Cornell and Iain Cameron. Some of the authors in addition to the guest editors are Johan Hirschfeldt, Olof Wilske and Marika Ericson. The theme issue also contains country chapters written by colleagues from the Nordic countries.


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