Grant for interdisciplinary project in law and rhetoric

26 May 2021

The project Environmental Pledges within the Energy System – Critical Legal and Rhetorical Perspectives has been awarded a grant of nearly SEK 6 million in the Swedish Energy Agency call Humans, Energy Systems and Society (MESAM).

The interdisciplinary project will be conducted over four years by Oskar Mossberg, LL.D. of private law at the Department of Law at Uppsala University, and Erik Bengtson, PhD in rhetoric, of the Department of Literature at the same university. They will be examining the increasingly common phenomenon of environmental pledges, a sort of “green” promise proliferating as part of companies’ and organisations’ strategic communication.

While environmental pledges may be made for many different reasons, their functions are often unclear and their actual effects difficult to determine. Mossberg and Bengtson therefore develop a theoretical framework designed to explain the role of environmental pledges in today’s energy system. They will also be examining whether – and if so, how – adjusting the regulatory framework can help harness the constructive potential of such pledges, to contribute to sustainability and legal certainty. 

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