Law students in the final of a prestigious moot court competition

1 September 2021

Earlier this summer, Uppsala University students Maia Bishop, Lars Lundgren and David Bornudd progressed all the way to the final in the very prestigious European Law Moot Court Competition.

In the autumn of 2020, the students completed the EU Commercial Law and Litigation course, and one component of this course was to participate in the European Law Moot Court competition. The course director is Professor Carl Fredrik Bergstrom.

The competition generally attracts 80-100 participating teams annually from universities in Europe and the USA. This year, 32 teams progressed to two online Regional Finals. From these two Regional Finals, four teams as well as two ‘Advocates General’ and two ‘Commission’s Agents’ qualified for the final, which is adjudicated by judges and advocates general from the Court of Justice of the European Union and the Administrative Tribunal in Luxembourg.

For the Uppsala University students, the road to the final was via a Regional Final which took place on March 25–27. The Uppsala team competed against 15 other teams there. Both the team and the Advocate General from Uppsala University progressed to the final, which took place via Zoom at the end of June, where the Uppsala team competed against students from three other European universities. 

Advocate General Lars Lundgren achieved a creditable second place while the Uppsala team with Maia Bishop and David Bornudd was placed among the four best teams.

“Although our students left the final empty-handed this time, it is a very great feat indeed to have achieved what they did, and much more difficult than usual given the pandemic,” says one of the teaching staff responsible for the team, and continues:

“Despite the Zoom format, they were able to convey a good presence, which could so easily be lost in online communication. It has been a privilege to follow their hard work, their progress in legal argumentation – both in English and French – and their excellent teamwork which led to victory in the Regional Final.”

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