Welcome to a new semester at Juridicum!

8 September 2021

Intensive preparations are currently under way at the Department of Law to receive new and old students alike for the start of the autumn’s courses and programmes. After a period of distance education only, we are now able to hold all seminar classes on campus again.

Bengt Domeij, Head of Department at Juridicum, is pleased to finally be able to welcome students to on-campus teaching now that the autumn’s courses and study programmes are getting up and running in earnest.

“This return to face-to-face teaching is important for our students for educational and social reasons, since the quality of our education is based on physical seminars. However, we have chosen to keep larger lectures online, as this teaching is more of a one-way communication set-up,” says Bengt and adds:

“The University also maintains contact with the Region’s Chief medical officer for infectious diseases control to monitor future developments, and is working hard to minimise the risks of spreading the infection so that everyone can feel as safe as possible with this arrangement.”

The Law Programme has long been one of the most popular programmes at Uppsala University, and prior to the start of the autumn semester this year with its 6581 applicants, this programme was ranked in first place of all the courses and study programmes applied for at the University. A total of 234 new students will begin this coveted programme this autumn.

During the autumn and for the third year in a row, the Faculty of Law is offering the opportunity to study the Bachelor’s Programme in Land Management. During this three-year programme, students read law more than half of the time, including real property law and contract law, along with subjects such as economics and business administration specialising in urban development, natural resources management theory, and land surveying engineering. There has been a great deal of interest in the programme, with a total of 357 applicants. The programme is offering 52 places this autumn.

The Joint Nordic Master’s Programme in Environmental Law (NOMPEL) is also being offered this autumn – a joint initiative of Uppsala University and the University of Eastern Finland in Joensuu and the Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø (UiT), which is intended to lead to a joint degree from these three higher education institutions. In total 206 applied for this round of the programme, which offers 25 places.

At the Department of Law, you can also study the Master programmes Comparative and International Tax Law (60 credits), and Investment Treaty Arbitration (60 credits), where the number of applicants per place has also been high for this academic year, each of these programs offering only 25 places. In total 205 and 190, respectively, applied for the programmes.

The law foundation year course (Juridiskt grundår) is offered to complement the Law Programme, and runs in parallel at the Uppsala and Gotland campuses. It comprises 60 credits of studies in public law and the fundamentals of civil law. Many applicants have shown interest in this opportunity to study jurisprudence, and before the start of the year 590 people applied for Campus Gotland’s 52 places and 1199 for the Uppsala campus’s 52 places. Students who receive a pass with credit grade may progress to enter the third semester of the Law Programme.

A total of 493 people applied for 52 places in the introductory course in law (Juridisk översiktskurs, 15 credits part-time), and at Uppsala University’s Campus Gotland, where a similar introductory course in law is offered online (Nätbaserad juridisk översiktskurs 15 credits part-time) this year 1788 people applied for the 800 places available.

Finally, there were 77 applicants for 26 places in our new freestanding course in Children’s Law (Barnrätt, 15 credits part-time).

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