New doctoral student in European Law

8 December 2021

With a project financed by the Swedish Competition Authority David Fåhraeus was recently admitted as a doctoral student in European Law. We welcome him to the Department of Law!

David Fåhraeus started his doctoral education on 1 December and will work on his thesis with the preliminary title: Platform envelopment strategies in the online pharmacy market and their illegality under article 102 TFEU

Supervisor: Vladimir Bastidas

A short summary of the project:
The online pharmacy market in Europe has been rapidly growing over the past years, in particular due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to the rapid growth in this lucrative market, large technology giants are looking for ways to enter and gain a foothold. Although the entry of these large tech giants may help make the European online pharmacy market more competitive and efficient, there exists a risk that in the long term they may be able to leverage their market power and data advantages in markets where they are dominant to then monopolise certain levels of the online pharmacy supply chain (platform envelopment strategies). The risk of monopolization may result in significant harms to consumers and overall public health. The objective of this research is therefore to analyse the potential platform envelopment strategies that may be adopted by large tech companies to enter the European online pharmacy market and to determine whether they should be considered illegal under article 102 TFEU.

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