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10 December 2021

The annual general announcement of doctoral student positions at the Department of Law is now published. By 1 March 2022 you have the chance to apply for one of five advertised positions.

Excerpt from the advertisement:
The overall purpose of the doctoral studies is to provide future newly qualified doctors of laws with good prospects for a successful career within or outside of higher education. This includes in-depth knowledge of the chosen subject in the field of research, a capacity for independent and critical thinking, proficiency in scientific methods and modes of working, and ability to identify interesting and researchable issues, teaching skills, and the ability to express himself or herself well both orally and in writing, an ability to operate in an international context and an ability to understand and deal with ethical issues concerning research.

Admission is based on an evaluation of the applicant’s capacity to successfully complete the doctoral studies. The evaluation is primarily focused on the project description as well as the scientific written material (published or not published). Analytical ability, ability to structure the material and to independently work on the proposed project, and the project’s news value, are paramount. In addition to the written material, other merits, such as grades, diplomas, completed courses, etc., may also be of importance in the assessment. Further, the applicant’s capacity to cooperate in different ways, e.g. with teaching colleagues, may be taken into consideration as well as the Faculty’s needs to recruit doctoral candidates in all subject areas.

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