Anna Jonsson Cornell – expert on parliamentary inquiry

27 January 2022

Professor of comparative constitutional law at the Faculty of Law Anna Jonsson Cornell has been appointed an expert on the commission of inquiry reviewing the rules governing the War Delegation, where the Riksdag (parliamentary) session is held, and the Government’s statutory power in cases of serious peacetime crises.

There are particular problems associated with the conditions for democracy in situations where a country is at war or risk of war, since circumstances may arise which make it impossible for state bodies to function in accordance with normal regulations.

The aims of the commission of inquiry are to ensure that the rules on how the Riksdag’s work is organised in the event of war or war peril are appropriate; to consider whether the provisions on where the Riksdag session is to be held should be amended; and to assess whether the Government’s statutory power in serious peacetime crises should be expanded (Dir. 2021:80).

The inquiry’s report will be presented on 15 November 2023 at the latest.

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