SEK 6 million to grant recipient Sandra Friberg

25 January 2022

Marianne and Marcus Wallenbergs Foundation grants SEK 6 million to the research project "The Artificial Public Servant", led by Sandra Friberg, Associate Professor of Private Law.

Sandra Friberg will, together with Doctor of Law Lars Karlander, Johan Eddebo and Oliver Li (both Doctors in the Philosophy of Religion) in their four-year project, look at demanding responsibility when it comes to autonomous systems from a philosophical and legal perspective.

Already today, many decision-making processes in society's public administration are based on simple algorithms. If automated or AI-controlled decision-making systems become more common, it is conceivable that such systems could replace a large part of human decision-making in public administration. Such a development raises fundamental legal and philosophical questions about accountability: whom, who, or what would be held responsible for any wrong decisions and why? The philosophical and legal analysis is expected to include results in a deeper understanding of the ethical, legal, and societal implications of the introduction of AI-systems in public administration.

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