Procedural law professor Bengt Lindell honoured in connection with emeritus professor appointment

26 January 2022

Bengt Lindell at the exhibition opened in connection with his receiving of the volume in procedural law studies published in his honour and dedicated to him.

The volume "Processrättsliga studier tillägnade Bengt Lindell" (Studies in procedural law dedicated to Bengt Lindell) was recently presented to Bengt on the occasion of his appointment as emeritus professor after more than 30 years as a professor in procedural law at Uppsala University. In connection with the presentation, a small exhibition on his significant contributions to the field was also opened.

This volume published in his honour was to have been presented at a well-attended seminar followed by a dinner at the Faculty. But the situation with the pandemic meant that this presentation was made in a less festive context. Hopefully the seminar and dinner properly thanking Bengt Lindell for his contributions to the field can be held later in the year.

At the presentation on 14 January, a small exhibition was unveiled outside Blå Rummet at the Faculty of Law on Riddartorget. In addition to the volume published in his honour, the exhibition contains copies of some of Bengt’s extensive oeuvre of procedural law monographs, a list of the holders of the professorship he will soon retire from, and photographs of all his predecessors in that chair.

The volume published in his honour by the publishing house Iustus förlag includes contributions from some of Bengt’s colleagues in Sweden, Finland and Norway. The editorial committee consisted of Uppsala procedural law scholars Torbjörn Andersson, Eric Bylander and Henrik Bellander. The sub-editor was Fredrik Hjorth, who is a doctoral student in procedural law at Karlstad University, where Bengt is still working part-time as a professor of procedural law.

The knot theme from Bengt Lindell’s textbook Civilprocessen, the fifth edition of which was recently published, has been captured in the design of the cover of the volume published in Bengt’s honour.
Illustration and idea: Henrik Bellander


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