Law Programme still gets the most applications at Uppsala University

24 February 2022

The Law Programme is still at the top as the most sought-after programmes at Uppsala University for the spring round of admissions. A total of 3,862 people applied for its 234 places at the start of the year.

As in previous years, the applicants per place figure was high prior to the start of the programme this spring semester. There is stiff competition for the 234 places offered each semester in Uppsala University’s Law Programme. Since the start of admitting students in the spring semester as well, (Spring Semester 2010), the programme has remained in first place as the most popular programme to apply for at Uppsala University.

Many also applied to the introductory courses offered by the Department of Law that are running this spring. A total of 325 people applied for 52 places in the introductory course in law (Juridisk översiktskurs, 15 credits part-time), and at Uppsala University’s Campus Gotland, where a similar introductory course in law is offered online (Nätbaserad juridisk översiktskurs 15 credits part-time) this year 1389 people applied for the 800 places available.

The number of students from the Law Programme who have applied for the Department’s international student exchange programme in the coming academic year has also increased markedly. A new record of 196 applications was recorded when the application period expired on 31 January, compared with 150 applicants last year.

“It is of course very pleasing that our Law Programme and the courses we offer continue to be so popular. It shows that we have managed to create high-quality, attractive courses and study programmes,” says Head of Department Bengt Domeij, and continues:

“We are also looking forward to a spring semester where we can gradually return to a more normal study and work environment for our teaching staff and students.”

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