Jonatan Schytzer named Teacher of the Year for 2021

14 March 2022

The Uppsala Law Student Association has named Jonatan Schytzer, Doctor of Laws in Civil Law, as Teacher of the Year for the Law programme in 2021.

The Teacher of the Year honorary title is awarded annually to recognise and highlight excellent teachers and to promote good quality in the Law programme. Jonatan Schytzer, who teaches insolvency law in the third semester while he is working on a post-doc project on 'the Environment in Bankrupcy", has been named Teacher of the Year for 2021. It is the law students themselves who vote for the Teacher of the Year and the motivation below is based on the students' own motivations.


Always with a twinkle in his eye, in a highly entertaining way Jonatan has succeeded in communicating insolvency law
as a very fun subject, which is no small feat! He holds interesting, well-structured and informative seminars where he involves all students in the discussion and makes everyone feel included. Even if a student does not know the answer to a question immediately, Jonatan does not give up, but helps the student over the difficulties in the question to try to elicit an answer rather than just moving on. It’s obvious that he is doing everything in his power so that we will learn and keep up with the high pace that many people experience during the third semester. His passion is contagious to the students in the seminar group and his jokes about lawyers are always entertaining. Never has a teacher so eminently earned this prize. Forza Schytzer!

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