EU project about civil judgments on payment obligations has been completed

14 March 2022

The EU project "En4CE - Diversity of Enforcement titles in cross-border debt collection in the EU”, was concluded with an expert meeting 4 - 5 of March in Tirana, Albania. Professor Eric Bylander and associate professor Marie Linton has been part of the projects’ expert group.

Sixteen departments from fourteen EU member or candidate countries have participated in the three year-long project, which purpose has been to elucidate and analyze similarities, differences and difficulties in enforcement of cross-border civil judgments on duty of payment. This is regulated in EU regulation 1215/2012, the Brussels 1a regulation. Nevertheless problems still remain due to differences between the judicial systems of the member states and terminology, among other things. Due to these problems, enforcement of cross-border judgments is still not efficient. This research project has intended to form a basis for further understanding of these difficulties and therefore contribute to a positive development, towards a more efficient enforcement of cross-border judgments on duty of payment.

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