Ukrainian researchers get help from Scholars at Risk

15 March 2022

Anna Jonsson Cornell, Professor of Comparative Constitutional Law at the Faculty of Law, is currently working intensively with the organisation Scholars at Risk to support Ukrainian researchers.

Uppsala University has for some time been collaborating with the aid organisation Scholars at Risk (SAR – Swedish Section), where work is now being stepped up to locate and help vulnerable researchers fleeing from and in Ukraine. Anna Jonsson Cornell of the University’s Faculty of Law is one of those working hard to coordinate efforts to reach out with information and support.

“It’s vital to not only help here and now, but also get the long-term work started to ensure that free research can be conducted in Ukraine,” she says. Anna has long been a researcher on democracy and human rights with a focus on Russia.

“One wonders what kind of toll it will take on research and higher education if the war in Ukraine is long-lasting. The outside world has a very important role to play in contributing to a free and democratic Ukraine and in ensuring that researchers and students can continue to pursue their scientific activities,” concludes Anna Jonsson Cornell.

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