Apply for a doctoral student position in Environmental Law!

22 April 2022

The Faculty of Law at Uppsala University invites applications for a doctoral student position in environmental law with an interdisciplinary focus.

As a doctoral student, you will belong to the Faculty of Law, and additionally work with a co-advisor in ecology at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. The research environment is characterized by a collegial environment between advisors, doctoral students, and students, and there is the possibility for you to teach within your research area.

Duties/Project description
The doctoral student position takes place within VR-funded research environment 2020-04973 which proposes to combine law and conservation to help develop solutions to the biodiversity crisis. Most of the world’s nations have enacted environmental legal instruments to avert species extinctions. However, these legal instruments do not appear to be able to stop that crisis. Countries are consistently failing to meet agreed targets to reduce the loss of biodiversity. This failure raises the question of whether existing legal instruments, theories and methods are fit for the purpose of protecting species, populations and ecosystems and whether and how their effectiveness can be improved. The purpose of our research is therefore to develop a theoretical and applied understanding of the interplay between legal and ecological systems and document, analyze, model and improve our understanding of how law and conservation affect each other, with the goal of improving the ability of the law to conserve species. The legal topics that will be addressed in this research environment include ecological tort (“préjudice écologique”), public interest environmental litigation, rights of nature, and environmental constitutionalism.

Because of the interdisciplinary nature of this project, it is expected that the doctoral student will write a thesis consisting of several collaborative articles and an introduction, rather than a monograph. In addition to leading several articles to be developed in collaboration with other researchers in the research environment, the doctoral student will be invited to participate as a co-author on additional articles within the wider project. If you have questions or would like more information about the project or thesis opportunities and expectations, please contact Yaffa Epstein,

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Welcome to submit your application by 1 June 2022!


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