The Doctoral Degree Conferment Ceremony

23 May 2022

On 18 May, 13 Doctor of Laws from the Faculty of Law were confermed together with other doctors at Uppsala University. The solemn procession was carried out in the auditorium of the University Main Building and consisted of fanborg, student representatives, promovendi, professores emeriti and faculty teachers.

The doctoral conferment ceremony is a graduation party for those who have completed a doctoral degree during the year. It is held twice a year: the winter conferment ceremony at the end of January and the spring promotion at the turn of the month May-June.

Representatives of the faculties and departments of the university attended the procession in honor of and celebrate their new doctors. The promoter of the Faculty of Law was Professor Joel Samuelsson, who crowned the graduated doctors.

Cannon salute was carried out at 7.00 a.m. from Slottsbacken by artillerymen from Jämtland field artillery under the command of Major Mikael Andersson. The Great Cathedral Bell rang at 8 a.m. on the day of the conferment ceremony. The Government and the Head of the Ministry of Education, as well as the Archbishop of Uppsala and the County Governor of Uppsala County, participated, together with the Director General of the Swedish Higher Education Authority, the Vice-Chancellor of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and the university's former vice-chancellors, Professors Stig Strömholm, Bo Sundqvist, Anders Hallberg and Eva Åkesson.

The festivities continued into the evening, with a banquet in the Hall of State at Uppsala Castle.

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