Rebecca Thorburn Stern appointed as an expert in government investigation

2 June 2022

The head of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Minister Lena Hallengren, has appointed Rebecca Thorburn Stern as an expert in "The Inquiry into Children's Opportunities to Complain and Claim Their Rights under the Convention on the Rights of the Child" (S 2022:03).

The assignment is valid from 30 May until the tasks of the investigation are completed.

Other experts and experts include: (title and function in parentheses)

  • Victor Hagstedt (Legal Expert, Expert)
  • Sara Philipson (Departmental Secretary, Expert)
  • Charlotte Roth-Olanders (Departmental Secretary, Expert)
  • Johanna Spanne (Legal Expert, Expert)
  • Amanda Bertilsdotter Nilsson (Lawyer, Expert)
  • Jonas Doll (Expert),
  • Maj Fagerlund (Child Rights Lawyer, Expert)
  • Johan Hardstedt (Federal Lawyer, Expert),
  • Ola Vinnerljung (Lawyer, Expert),
  • Elin Wernquist (Secretary General, Expert),
  • Carin Westerlund (Business Developer, Expert)
  • Kavot Zillén (Associate professor, Expert)

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