Katia Cejie special investigator in parliamentary inquiry

6 September 2022

Katia Cejie

The professor of Fiscal Law at the Department of Law, Katia Cejie, has recently started an assignment as a specialist in an investigation on the effective taxation of natural persons who have moved from Sweden.

According to the committee's directive, a special investigator/inquiry chair is to submit proposals for effective capital taxation of natural persons who move out and cease to be subject to unlimited tax liability in Sweden or who, according to a tax treaty, become domiciled in another contracting state.

Other experts include (title and function in brackets):

  • Marcus Andersson (department secretary, expert)
  • Åsa Andersson (subject advisor, expert)
  • Gabriel Cleverdahl (department secretary, expert)
  • Britt-Marie Hallberg Eriksson (legal expert, expert)
  • Claes Hammarstedt (tax expert, expert)
  • Patrick Krassén (tax policy expert, expert)
  • Daniel Waldenström (professor, expert)
  • Roger Persson Österman (professor, specialist).

Inquiry chair is Kristina Ståhl, Justice at the Supreme Administrative Court.

The assignment must be reported no later than 15 February 2024.


Read more in the committée’s directive (Dir. 2022:45, in Swedish)
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